The plaintiff will be a charged a onetime fee of $300 for the הזמנות (summons). Additional charges may be assessed in the event of the need to issue a כתב סירוב or a היתר ערכאות.
There will be an hourly charge of $750 to be split evenly by the plaintiff and the defendant for each Beth Din session which is payable when the session ends. In the event the matter at hand involves a claim under $5,000 and is heard by a single Dayan, the parties will split a $400 hourly fee which is also due at the end of the session.
There may also be additional charges to offset expenses incurred by the Beth Din in the course of the proceedings. These costs will be shared equally or as allocated by the Dayanim in the P’sak.
If a party asks for a Review of Proceedings, he will pay $1,500 per hour payable once the review is complete and before the decision is distributed by the Administrator to the parties.
The Beth Din may rule that the requesting party reimburse the non-requesting party their costs for the Review of Proceedings.
Checks are payable to the Beth Din– Rabbinical Alliance of America Inc.